Thursday, April 30, 2020

I'm Still Here

It has been three years since I posted last.  WOW!  

When I stopped blogging I wasn't sure I would ever return to Killing Superwoman.  There were many times I thought of deleting it altogether, but I couldn't.  Here I am three years later -not only am I posting - but I want to pick off where I left off.    Before I do, I wanted to let you kow what I have been up to these three years.

My big brother passed away and I delivered his Eulogy.
I take care of my 87 year old mom. She suffers from mild dementia.
My husband Jon and I started our band "Wrath of Calm".
I was in a documentary called "BackBurner Dreams",  It's been around the world and on TV.
I now sing professionally on the semi regular.
My youngest - the miracle baby - celebrated 13 years on this earth!
My middle son, the 6 year old who cried about Michael Jackson is on "the spectrum"
My oldest came out.
My dogs chewed up my beloved red velvet sofa which I recently brought back to life with the help of Craigslist.
I gained A LOT of weight.  Twice.
I lost a lot of weight.  Once.
I auditioned for The Voice with my son.
I was rejected from The Voice with my son. LOL!
I regretted 3 bad haircuts. Two executed by my own hand.
I have had three jobs, landing on one I love  - working with people I love.
I am not happy about my neck. It has weird lines on it.
I wrote a couple of killer songs!
I have positively impacted a lot of people (or so I have been told).
Most of the time I am happy and satisfied.  But there are days where I still struggle.
I am older. Sigh...
But I am most certainly better.
Most of all...
I'm Still Here. Happily.

And I may stick around for a while. 

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