Monday, August 4, 2014

Ehh, What was I Supposed to Be Doing?

I picked the worst month to do NabloPoMo.  It's all about memory and memories.  And like I said yesterday, my memory for the most part sucks.  I know why...there are too many things to do in not enough time.  I get caught up in something and poof...what I was supposed to be doing slips right through the cracks of my brain.

Here are the 4 things I use to remember.

1. My Iphone - which right now is sitting in a lost and found box at the nearby Army Base's  movie theatre.  So it's not being helpful right this second.  What worlds best is when I set the alarm to remind me to do all that I am supposed to be doing.  Especially when I am working.  When I am not working, I easily remember to do what is necessary.  Well...relatively easily. 

2. When I remember to refer back to it - my ToDo List.

3. My husband.  I tell him what things I need to remember and he texts or calls me.  Oh, right.  He can;t do that now because my Iphone is still at the 'does not open every day' movie theatre. 

4. My Daughter.  She comes in my room and interrupts me every five minutes, so I NEVER forget anything having to do with her...

5. My oldest son.  Anything having to do with food or fun, he's all over it.  Anything that he hates doing that I usually do, he's all over it. Reminding me about anything homework or school related.  Forgeddaboutit.  Literally. 

In all honestly what works best for me is a very tight routine and schedule.  Where I do the same things everyday at the same time.  That is why summer is so difficult for me when the kids are not it camp.  Usually, everything is so tightly scheduled that I can operate on second nature, but summer - it just screws me up. The thing is this year I have to work and make some money, so I can't devote the majority of my time hanging with the kids.  I make jokes, but it's been tough.  I am just thankful that the summer is coming to a close and we can get back to normal.  

Next year - camp for sure.  If not for them. For me.!

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