Friday, March 7, 2014

What I have Learned About Myself Through Blogging

What I have Learned About Myself Through Blogging.

I have learned not to judge the experiences of my life.

1. That I can take full responsibility for my life and my mistakes without having to murder my own soul in the process.
2. That God, truth and honor were in my traumas just as significantly as they were in my victories.
3. That the painful, difficult times in my life are just as valuable and valid as the good times.
4. That my grief is as important as my joy.
5. That the moment of my life that brought me the greatest shame was in truth my most victorious miraculous, moment of all.
6. I was my most 'sane' when I checked myself into a psychiatric hospital.
7. That I was my most 'insane' when I was trying to get healed while pretending to be something I wasn't.
8.  I've had more success following after my loves, than doing what was expected.
9. It is up to me, not my experiences, to determine my contentment in life.  However deep the grief I experience from losing my daughter and suffering from depression,  I still decide whether I am going to emotionally and spiritually live or die.  I recognize that being able to make that choice is a blessing.
10. The greatest thing I have learned while blogging my life is to never be afraid of the truth.  No matter how difficult, knowing the truth about yourself and doing the necessary work will always set you free.

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