Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh to be Tidy, Organized and Have Kids with Clean Underwear...

It's 9:23pm and I am just getting to the computer to write.  I have been busy today.

I have not gotten around to changing out of my PJs.  Oh well, it's too late now.  I turned the TV on, but never got around to turning the cable on,  so I have been working in the quiet with the white Verizon logo flashing across the boob tube all day.  I got some things done today, but not nearly enough.  I need to pick up the pace with my shop.  Our mortgage went $300 a month because of a tax increase.  It's not a huge sum, but I do feel the pressure of having to make it up, but I am working hard not to succumb to my angst.

It is days like these that I wish I was one of those go getter moms.  The highly organized, highly energetic women who get it ALL done.  The women who, like clockwork, wash their kids underwear every Wednesday and know what's for dinner by consulting their calendars.   My husband believes if it wasn't for his presence (and cooking habits) the kids would be eating Oodles of Noodles and doughnuts for dinner.  These women don't have dens that smell like wet dog and feet.

These magical get-it-done moms have neat and tidy children with good study habits.  My 6th grader's three ring binder looks like a stink bomb went off in it and I have no idea when he changed his socks last.  I like to think he does it everyday because I hear the shower running in the morning, but for all I know he puts the same pair on after he showers.  And no, I don't ask.

I don't have the type of brain, disposition or stamina to be that woman. She can work on her Etsy shop until 2:00 in the morning and still get her kids off to school on time, wearing clean underwear and packing a fresh, perfectly balanced lunch.  If I do any type of work until 2:00 am, I am up all night and the next morning I am scrounging around my husband change jar for lunch money.  You see I can't work past 11:30pm. My mind goes into overdrive and I won't fall asleep at all.  Truth be told I am breaking my computer curfew now, so I best be getting the blogging over with.

Oh well, I am who I am.  The kitchen is fairly clean, the house doesn't smell like wet dog anymore, and I can see my dining room table top.  None of my kids smell like butt, and I managed to get some listings on eBay.   So I didn't take a shower today (or change out of my PJs for that matter).  I played  Headbanz with my kids and I don't think they watched TV at all today.  Not bad actually.  Now if only I can get my husband's side of the bed cleared of office stuff, I will feel like I accomplished all I needed too.  I better hurry because I can hear the key in the lock.


  1. Girl you described a supermom. Those moms only exist on television and even then they have meltdowns and break downs. You have a list, do what you can and don't fret about anything else. Its not as bad as you think. As far as your son, he's a boy. Something about boys an hygiene just doesn't make sense. I remember when my little cousins were younger they didn't enjoy showers as much as I do. Its that boys do. If you want to be sure, just slip in the morning conversations to make sure that he has on a pair of clean socks for the day. Hopefully he gets the point and you you've covered your stinky feet dilemma.

    1. How right you are! I give my kids the sniff test every morning. Most of the time they pass! It's true - we do what we can. And you are right. Things are rarely as bad as I think. I can look back at when we lived in an apartment and I can see how far I have come. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am right there with you. I have a friend that STARTED making a costume for her daughter at 10 p.m. that needed to be done by morning. I'd have sewn my fingers together by 11 p.m.

    But she is amazed that I made pizza with homemade dough when I babysat her daughters today. Really it was easy and this way the kids got to chose their own toppings so I didn't have to work too hard to please 3 picky eaters.

    All of us are doing the best we can and as long as the kids are alive and the house is still standing at the end of the day I consider it a good day.

    1. Thanks Audrey! We all have things we are good at doing and you are so right about what constitutes a good day!