Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Parallell Universe - What Life Would be Like

In my Parallel Universe

I temporarily live in France in an old farmhouse, but permanently have the body of a 23 year old ballerina.
I  a writer by day, vintage dealer on the weekends, but moonlight as a torch song singer when the sun goes down.
Jon is a producer who also acts as musical director for our trio which consists of a drummer, pianist, Jon on Stick.  I occasionally play guitar.
I am working on my third book.
My kids speak fluent french, hate processed food and would rather be outside than fixated on electronics.
I have a housekeeper so I can devote my time to writing and traveling the European countryside seeking out fabulous vintage.
Jon and I have great parties full of musicians, writers, actors and teachers - Johnny Depp drops in frequently.
My children are happy and fulfilled. They rarely complain.
I have my puppies, but in addition I have a massive black and white Great Dane named Maude.
I start my mornings in my hammock with an expresso and croissant.
We host a reunion with our families where we eat, drink and dance under the stars.
We will stay in France for a while longer, but return home to live somewhere between NY and DC.
I am calm, happy and focused.
Life is perfect.

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