Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Daughter, My Shadow

My daughter adores me.  I mean really.  I think she loves me more than anyone.  The last thing she says to me after our bedtime ritual is, "Have a good sleep mama."  When I am not feeling well, she comes to my beside with her little pixie face and concerned squeaky voice and asks, "Are you doing alright?  Do you need anything?"  And she rubs my back.

A few weeks ago, after the big snow, the plows pushed ice and snow up against my driveway and I got fed up with trying to maneuver our big white whale into the driveway.  My husband Jon religiously clears the snow, but I decided to tackle the iceberg.  After a few minutes of chipping away, I hear the slam of our front door and here she comes, high-water pink pants, purple snorkel coat and pink fuzzy boots.  Before I knew it, she had shovel in hand and began chipping away at my side. "I'm gonna help you mama."

She is the happiest child I have ever met....ever.  Her resting face is a smile.

Amy - Has been around since she was two.
Right now she is next to me, watching the dreaded "My Little Ponies...Friendship is Magic" and resting her head on my shoulder.  If Noelle is near, she is touching me.   I remember her slipping into my room last night, standing by my bed with Amy tucked under her arm.  "Get in the middle"  I muttered and she quickly scrambled over my side and nestled her body into the small of my back.  One arm around my belly the other around Amy.

It reminds me of when I was pregnant with her and her identical twin.  The nurses would have to hunt her down to track her heartbeat with the doppler.  They could never find her, and I would be rushed to the sonogram technician who would quickly find her tucked up and hidden behind her sister.

 I love her in a way I don't love anyone else.  That's the beauty of parenting more than one kid.  You experience love in as many ways as the number of children you have.

She even talks like I do.  Bossy and full of information.  The boys get really mad when they find themselves doing what she tells them to.

But OMG - she gets on my nerves like no one else! Between her and my two puppies, there is always someone shadowing me.  Noelle talks non stop.  Her teachers say she is very quiet at school, so evidently she is saving it all for me and her daddy when she gets home.  Say what you want about Noelle, but she is NOT interested in shallow interaction.  Gratuitous nodding and " Hmmmmsss.." do not work for her.  We have to be engaged in something whether reading, coloring or dealing with the dogs.  All the while she's asking questions, pointing out facts or tattling on her brothers.  If I let her, she would hang with me all day and night.

I have to tell her often that I can't play or color with her.  I have to remind her that I  am not her playmate and that I need my privacy.  Daddy has been busy so he can't be bouncer.  I try to be patient (well not always) because I know the time may come where I am the last person on earth she wants to see or be with.

"Noelle?" I'll ask her when she is tucked in under me.
"Yes mommy..."
"Are you still going to love me when you're sixteen?"  I ask in mock seriousness.  She turns to me with her faux shocked expression.
"Of course Mamma.  Of Course!"

I believe her.


  1. Yep. I've got one of those. I'm trying to soak it all in since I hear they don't ACTUALLY still feel that way when they hit around 13.:(

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. She is precious, least right now. LOL