Thursday, March 13, 2014

Group Blogging - UGH!

I like people. I really do.  And I like to collaborate, but I don't think the group blogging thing is for me.  Unless it's just one of those things were assignments are divvied up and you don't have to actually "write " together.  You know, come to a consensus about how the actual words are going to flow.  I can contribute.  I can collaborate on ideas.  I can write my portion.  I can edit.  I can offer my advice.  I can even produce a first draft and allow others to take over to complete.  But to sit down with like a writing partner and go over word for word what we're going to write?  Uhh. No.

Organically I am a solitary creative.   I like being in a creative environment where people bounce ideas off of each other. It can be educational and inspirational being around others who are like minded.  I obviously love talking and connecting with others (even if it is online in the privacy of my own home), but group writing projects - especially long term  - ugh!

People stress me out too much!!! Where writing is concerned I need to be by my lonesome self for the most part.  If you want me to add something to the mix, give me a little bit of something to do...hey give me a call.  But anything more than that doesn't appeal to me.

I know there is an exception to every rule.  I just haven't found it yet.

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