Saturday, February 8, 2014

Powering Through the Writing - Discovery #5

I didn't feel like writing today. At. All.  I have't been sleeping well.  So I am tired.  Real Tired.  At 10:40pm I decided to wrap my simultaneous binge of Fringe and computer Solitaire, but I felt like I was betraying my laptop by only playing a stupid game.  So I found myself opening my writing program instead of powering down.

It was sucky writing. All 40 minutes of it. (30 minutes is my modest goal)  But I did it! Even though I was tired and didn't want to.

Discovery #5: Even when the writing is bad I can still feel a sense of accomplishment.  It can only get better.  The words I wrote tonight...the poor dialogue and crappy sequencing can at some point be reworked.  Even in the midst of the 'yuck' my characters were starting to feel alive.  And that is a good thing.

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