Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Solution to Perfectionism - Day 1

Planning to Fail - My Solution to Perfectionism.

Day 1

Impulsively I decide to rewrite froma sci-fi novel I started about 3 years ago. Maybe my Netflix "Fringe" binge inspired me. My current computer is crap so I downloaded a software called FocusWrit and got to writing.  I set the alarm (within the software) for 1 hour and got to writing.  After exactly one hour, I saved my work and shut it down.

How is this different from what I would do normally?

1. I chose one list from my "free online writing software" Google query. Usually I would spend countless hours until I found the 'perfect' software or program.  I picked Focus Writer fromTechRadar's Top 10 list for software to unleash your creativity.  TechRadar was one of the first of the search results and I picked FocusWriter because it was simple and had a built in- alarm system.

2. I didn't waste a whole lot of time trying to be critic and writer at the same time. I don't know about other writers, but this was a hard habit for me to break.

3. I didn't think about the quality of my work. Sometimes I involuntarily write for an imaginary audience.  For me this is a bad thing, because before the words even get a chance to hit the page, I start to censor myself.  Today I ignored the temptation.

4. I stopped writing when the alarm rang.  I usually dismiss my alarms and keep going.  When I do this it adds to my perfectionism frenzy.  I start to obsess and everything goes down hill from there.

5. I did not 'read it over'.  

My goal was to write for one hour. Accomplished. Tomorrow I probably will continue with what I started, but who knows? I have no plans.

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