Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Noelle!

Noelle in the Nicu.  
Doing what she does most.  Laugh!
The unexpected joy of my life turns 7 today in about 15min.    My Noelle was born October 9th at about 12:15 pm. She was not released out of the NICU until 72 days later. Just in time for Christmas.  It's funny,  we named her Noelle long before she was born.  Who knew she would end up being the best Christmas present?  Ever.  In the Universe!  Happy Birthday Noelle, I couldn't imagine life without you.

Noelle with her favorite people.  Easter Sunday a few years ago.

Wearing my Sleep mask as a "Bra" 
With her Daddy in the morning.

"Daddy!  That is silly!"

With her Daddy
At her cousins birthday party.

Her Kindergarten Graduation in June

Me and Noelle over 6yrs ago
Me and Noelle Now- Bedhead Twins

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