Saturday, September 7, 2013

So I am a Writer. Now What?

I were able to fling open the top of my skull and tilt out the contents, a gazillion bits and pieces of  my brain would scatter out into the open like spilled legos.   There are so many ideas crammed into my head that I can't can't figure out what to do next.   To be honest, I think I do have a little of crazy cat syndrome as it relates to writing.  I pounce one the first shiny new idea, no matter how short lived.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how the rubber has met the road and I have made the decision to follow the call.  I announced to the heavens and earth that I am a writer and (cue swelling strings for drama) if now is not the time for me to step into my destiny, then when?   

So I am a writer.  Now what?

How do I pick from all the characters and plots that have been waiting patiently for me over the last 6 years?   Listen, I am not under any grand illusion that somewhere in the crooks and crannies of my scattered brain hides the next Great American novel.  I mean it's possible, but at this stage of my writing game, pretty unlikely.  For one, my writing, as brilliant as it may be is just not that good.    And it darn sure can't get better if I can't even figure out the story that I want to tell.

The fact is I haven't been telling stories and that is what I want to do now.

Fellow writers, what's your process.  I'm a writer, but now what???


  1. Hi CJ. When you have quite a bit of stories to choose from it can be hard to pick which ones to start on. I usually go with the characters/plots that are screaming the loudest at me. Lol

    Just start somewhere...and which ever one you pick, stick with that one only. If you happen to get ideas for the others write them down to use for later.

    This is what helps me survive through my creativity.

    Go for it! Feel free to hop on over to my blog.


    1. Crystal, so wise and so simple. Of course that what you should do. I just have to figure out how to quit my head! I will absolutely stop by your blog!