Thursday, September 19, 2013

And the Winner is...The Loudest!

In a previous post I asked fellow writers how they decide what to work on when so many ideas are floating around in their heads.  Crystal Blake, a fellow blogger responded by saying, "I usually go with the characters/plots that are screaming the loudest at me. LOL".  I agreed wholeheartedly. How simple, how wise and how true. Who in my crammed to the brim ADHD mind is calling for me to tell their story?  I meditated on that question for a while.

OK. That's a lie.  

I didn't meditate on it at all.  I didn't even have to think about it.  In fact, I never really had to ask myself the question in the first place, because as soon I read Crystal's comment - she was there. As usual. The loudest one, chomping at the bit, waiting to be given the title, "main character" in a story of her own invention.  We have a serious love/hate relationship, this woman and I, which makes the idea of writing about her scary.  She's like the mouse character in "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", by Julie Numeroff.  I KNOW if I open the door for this chick, she will be sure to tear all my sh!$t up.  

However, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get away from this loud, yikkity yakkin' woman and her crazy. Every dang day she keeps repeating the same stories over and over again carelessly trouncing all over my gray matter screaming, "Write me!  Write Me! WRITE ME!"   

Really. You think you are that interesting. What? Yes, I know you went to Paris and peed in the sink of your studio because the toilet looked like it had human feet. Yes, you DID tell me about the time you thought someone shot you in the hip while you waited for Kurtis Blow to perform. I bet you single-handedly escalated the fire-cracking antics of bored teenagers into a full blown riot by screaming. "Help. HELLLLP! I've been shot!" And if I have to listen to your, "being in the psychiatric hospital was the most fun I have ever had" story I think I lose well...lose my mind.

However,  if I am to follow Crystal's advice, which I know I should - the winner is - 

CJ Poindexter

The loudest character screaming and reeling about in my head




  1. Can not WAIT to read this! Oh. My. Word. No wonder "CJ" is screaming at you...with stuff like that to tell I wouldn't let you rest either. She wins, hands down.

    If you write it the way you just described it in this entry, hilarious!