Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Seeking the Quiet Within. Finding the White Space in our Lives.

The very first thing I read this morning was a blog post written by Laura Packer, both an accomplished storyteller and writer.  In her post, Searching for white space " she defines white space as being, "the portion of the page left unmarked, the space between words, images and other representations. It isn't nothing because it is both the space in which the objects exist and a balancing force. " 

I had to think about this. At first I thought that I left a lot of room in my life for white space.  I stay up nights and I think and I pray and I think and I pray some more.    I deeply crave the quiet of what is greater than me.  When I am able to tap into that space, I understand that I am on Holy Ground.

That unmarked space between words is sacred. The place where all that we seek exists.  

The truth is I don't stay awake nights to explore my white space.  I stay awake because my head is so filled with stuff, that it just clatters about in my brain making it impossible to sleep. I pray for the white space.  Like Laura, my soul begs for the white space and it makes me cry.  I need it so desperately.

We live in a world where we call a short pause in a conversation between friends as being an awkward silence.  Technology allows us to capture our every thought and hurl it into the universe as quickly as we can.  This is an unimaginable power. If our ancestors could have seen into the future they would have said we live where magic exists because in less than a second the world can know our thoughts.  Pop culture eats up thought - if we didn't Facebook and Twitter would not be so popular.  But people say a lot of shit.  Hateful, hurtful, inaccurate shit.

But do we honor the space in which we think? Where the wheat is separated from the chaff?

The life of the artist can be both chaotic and solitary.  There are times when my antennae for inspiration and creativity is so high that I feel anxious.  And like Laura, I will weep and cry because there is no time for me to catch and follow .  But when I have tapped into that space and the visions and ideas replace the clatter, I need the time to do.  To fulfill the assignment that has been given to me in the quiet. 

There is creation in all that I do. I realize that loving my children and my husband require that white space as much as crafting a book or song.

Everything in my life is about creation.  My core belief is that I have been created in the image and likeness of the one who created it all.  I don't just want to create my work..I want to create my life in which white space is revered and and I don't have to weep for the quiet within. 

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