Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The First Day of Summer Vacation with my Kids! (And why I am scared witless!)

The Light of Mommytime Descending from on High
Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation with my three wonderful children and can I tell you, I'm a little scared at what the summer will bring.  You see, at the beginning of the year my 'little bits' entered Kindergarten.  She has been in school since age 3, but in a cooperative nursery school where there are no full day classes and I was also heavily involved,. Most days we were still together for most of the day.

Although I love being with my daughter (she is so much more accommodating when clothes shopping and grocery stores), when the first day of kindergarten hit, it was as if the clouds parted and a ray of 'mommy time' sunshine descended from on high. I was amazed that she wasn't interested in me tagging along.  In fact, the biggest thrill for her was to ride the school bus with her brothers.  I had to drive to meet my children at schoolhouse door.  As they lined up by class, my boys gave me the obligatory smiles reserved for picture taking, sincere hugs that were so quick they broke the speed of sound marched on happily.

With Noelle, after two minutes of picture taking while she was in line, she turned to me and said in a quiet  mature voice " Mom, we are just waiting for a few more of our classmates before going don't have to wait.  You can go."  I was both amused and shocked.  Was this the girl that used to cry if our very breaths were out of sync. Although her gentle 'get lost" statement shocked me, I was absolutely, positively proud.  So I gave her a quick kiss and got lost. I sure didn't have to worry about separation anxiety - for either of us.

Until yesterday I was a blissfully free woman. At  about 9:20am  when Noelle came barging into my room demanding breakfast, I realized that my perception of her being an independent 6 year old was an illusion.  This is what I quickly discovered about my Noelle and my boys.

1. Noelle virtually talks all the time.  (In fact she is laying down right next to me talking)
2. Noelle's idea of allowing me to work is to come into my room every 5 minutes instead of 3.
Jon II at his 5th Grade Graduation
3.My assistance is the on assistance worthy for Noelle.  For instance, "No! Quentin can NOT pour my milk for me.  I want Mommy to do that for me.  So I will go upstairs, past Quentin, past Jon-Jon and past Daddy to knock on the bathroom door and let her know my granola is dry."
4. Jon Jon will not eat if he suspects there is even the slightest chance of homemade pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese.
5. Quentin does not feel the need to wear clothes in the sanctity of his own home.  And the fact that his underpants are to big is of now consequence.
6. Going outside to play on a daily basis was only necessary when we lived on the 8th floor of an apartment building and the only grass available to play on was next to the parking lot. Now that we have our own house with a huge backyard watching TV is far more important to the boys.

You can see why I am scared at what this summer will bring.  They have spent every summer at Camp Carla.  This year it's different.  This was the first year in 11 years that I didn't have someone home with me for at least part of the day.  My time was my own to navigate.  Now that my children are here with me 24 hrs a day, my time has become their time.  Or so they think.  This summer, along with keeping up with their multiplication skills, my children will be learn that although I love being with them.and my greatest joy is to take care of them, my time is still my time.  In other words, I am still the boss which means.

1. When I say you have to be quiet, you HAVE to be quiet or you will have to leave.
2. That when I am working you can only interrupt me if you have a need that I and ONLY I can attend to.
3. You have two brothers, two stools of different sizes and two hands.  Pour your own milk.  If you spill it - clean it up.
4. If you are up before me, get your own breakfast and if it is an egg you want - make one, because there is no personal chef on the premises.
5. It is absolutely prohibited for you to walk around and come to the dinner table with no pants and floppy underwear.  No one wants to see THAT.
6. Playing outside. Mandatory and cry, "boredom" because electronics are are not part of the plan, we have a problem.  So electronics will be less and less of an issue because there will be none.

Whew!  I am not as scared! I just needed a reminder about who runs the show.  But don't get me wrong, I am still believing for an affordable multi-week camp miracle.


  1. Hi CJ -- Sounds like you'll be getting everyone into a summer routine soon! You expressed the emotions many of us moms have faced during summer vacation.

    I'm passing on to you a Liebster Blog Award that I was tagged in -- it's a fun way to get to know other bloggers, so please check it out and tell us more about yourself!

    take care - Nanny Dee

    1. Thanks Nanny Dee!
      I will certainly check the Liebster Award/