Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HELP! Summer Fun is too Hard!

Welcome to Camp CJ! That's right, it is me this year with my three children.  Can I tell you that fun in the sun is hard work and exhausting.  I vowed this year that I would not let the kids sit in front of the TV and play computer or video games all day long. So the four of us (five on weekends with dad) have been out and about.  Everyday. Playgrounds, playdates, rollerblading, swimming, and trips to the mall and grocery stores thrown in for good measure.  This week it will be hiking, museums, playdates and mommy led guitar lessons. 

In between all of this frolicking through the city, I have to try to keep the apartment clean, do laundry, work on my online vintage shop, work with my daughter's cooperative school and try to get some writing done.  As a good friend says, "OY!" 

To you parents who home school, I am awed by you.  Do you get anything else done?  You mommy writers that I see with updated blogs and new projects rolling out - how???  I am not just talking about time management skills, of which I have little- but how do you keep the momentum, the discipline, and the inspiration going?  Especially when you are exhausted. 


  1. Good for you! It is very easy to turn on the Wii and realize three hours later that your kids have turned into zombies! :) We have a pool in the backyard, so that gets mine out of the house, but I hear ya... it's exhausting!

  2. Thanks Erin! I try. But there are times I love that Wii!

  3. Yaaaa, I applaud you and hats off to you too! Keep up the good work.

    When you find the answers to your questions be sure to post them. I'm only the grandma with part time hands-on but, I'd still like to know.

  4. It's not easy but what you are doing is the best. Time shall tell and you will be glad you did all these.

  5. Dell Girl - my next post will be about my revelations about my time! Tune in

  6. Nekky,

    I am already glad and I can tell you - there is a big difference in behavior when I do those things with them vs. wehn we all lie around and stare at tv sets and computers. Now I am not a purist - I let my kids watch TV and they can play the Wii for a limited amount of time on the weekends.

    But on those rare days where I can't muster up any energy - I end up cranky with bouncing off the wall kids...

  7. I completely relate. I am trying to balance work and making sure the kids are enjoying their summer too! So far, I have not been doing so great for the kids. But I'm not giving up! Thanks for this post,