Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Super Organized!

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I am the type of person that loves neatness and order.  I feel relaxed and more at ease when I walk into a nice, clean and well organized environment. Bathrooms should be sparkling, there should be no crumbs on tables and countertops and in each room everything should have its place.  Organization is super important to me as well.  I like everything calendared and planned out carefully.  When you have 3 young children, you really can't fly by the seat of your pants.  If you do, critical things get lost and remain undone. 

I like my family being on a schedule and love being able to know exactly what comes next at any given time during the day.  I hate wasting time surfing the net and watching TV for hours on end.  I mean it just makes such a difference and you discover hidden time! 

The problem is this - my house is not neat and orderly.  I mostly feel tense and behind the eight-ball, especially when I walk into my living room that usually has crap strewn about. Most days I run around like the proverbial chicken with their head cut off looking for things that should be easy to find.  I freak out when I see pee all over the bathroom seats and when I have to dust crumbs off the placemats so my kids can eat at a clean table.  I have three young children and feel as though I am more than flying by the seat of my pants.  My husband, who is probably reading this right along with you is laughing I am sure.  Particular at my love of everything being in its place. 

The kids stick to a pretty good schedule, but that is what happens when you have school aged- children.  My son dresses himself and sometimes its too late for me to make him change when I notice that he has been wearing the same shirt for the last three days.  I can only pray that he has changed his underwear.  He does however shower and wash everyday - so that is good.  Unfortunately the same cannot be said of my middle man.  He has to pass a sniff test everyday.

How is it that the vision of my life is so so very far from reality?  Am I unreasonable in my desires, or do I just need the right magic combination of action and inspiration?  I see books lined up on the shelves of libraries and bookstores claiming to have the fix for household dis-organization and general discombobulation.  I have bought and borrowed a million of these books and spent countless hours surfing the net for help and advice. Is it a sham!  Sometimes I wonder if these books are written by OCD-ers where cleaning a way of alleviating their own tension and stress. There is a rumor going around (started by my therapist) that I have a touch of OCD - unfortunately my version is limited to my acting more like Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets", then being obsessive about organization and cleanliness.  Perhaps these books are written by people who like to write books and just picked organization as a topic.  Where are the writer moms like me - who really want some organization that sticks and just kinda figured it out.  Is there a secret?!  I guess I am more obsessed with wanting my home to look and operate a certain way, than actually having it that way.  If it was a true desire, wouldn't I be able to accomplish it?  Where is the disconnect between all my lists, schedules and budgets that I put so much time into creating and actually springing into action?!? 

Should I lower my expectations and be satisfied with what is at this time?  Sigh...truth be told, if I made enough money I would hire Alice from the Brady Bunch.  I would have a nanny and someone to do laundry and clean the kitchen.  I can still be the best mom and wife in the world without ever having to wash another pair of not so tidy whiteies or clean another toilet in my life.  However, it is what it is while it is, so until I win the lotto or get my NanoWrimo novel published to score big bucks - I will keep searching for the secret. Not for the "how to".  After all my research I know HOW.  I am searching for the secret of the "DO".  How do I get off my a$% and do? 

About the photo:  No - this is not my living room. but I find it appealing.  This room was featured on a blogpost @ StyleSwoon  which is a great site that I discovered.  For all you style lovers check it out. 


  1. OK so this is my life you're talking about here. I was literally just thinking about how to find a way to make right in my mind the fact that it's just not realistic right now for my house to stay in the order that I want it too. I have to accept a certain degree of disarray. I find myself snapping at the kids to not pull any toys out after we've just cleaned. Or fussing at my honey when he covers the dining room table with his embroidery machine to create magnificent works. It's not that I don't want them to play and create, it's just that I don't want it in my living room and dining room. But alas, we don't have a work room for him, and we don't have a play room for the kids so we have to share the space. Things are definitely better now since we made a chore chart for the kiddies and they really help out a lot. Now, i just need to accept a little bit of clutter until we have more space and focus on the fun and creativity we have in our home that creates the clutter.

  2. This is pretty much my life's battle. Battle the mess and then battle to try to lighten up and not let it bother me so much. And I can't think straight when things are crazy either.

    But I don't think an "Alice" would help me because every time we've hired someone, they end up disappointing me. And I'm TERRIBLE about telling people that they need to do a better job! So we'd probably just end up paying someone to hang out and eat Cheetos.

  3. Hi, cj. Nice post, I also love a clean and well-organized environment. I certainly enjoyed reading your story. It made me chuckle as I thought back on the earlier part of tonight.

    We had the grandbaby on a quilt on the floor learning to pull up. Various items; walker, car seat, rocking chair, playpen, etc. acted as barriers to keep him in one area and off the other part of the floor.

    We had a grand old time, the baby had the best time of all. As I started for the kitchen for a snack, I took in the scene. There was hardly any space to walk, almost nowhere to sit, baby stuff everywhere.

    I wouldn't trade it for the cleanest, neatest, most well-organized house in the world for all the money in the world.

    God is good and we (you and I) are truly blessed.

  4. I am your newest follower! (from MBC group)

  5. CJ, this is a great post! Some of my earliest blog posts are of the same vain. I've already diagnosed myself with OCD, and now that we're homeschooling all of the kids, I'm getting more insane than usual! But let me tell you, you are definitely speaking my language on this one!!! :)

    Anyhow, I havent seen you over at Sofia's Ideas in a while so I wanted to invite you to come on back & stay for a bit! :)

  6. Cousin,

    This post is sooo funny but you will get to that place when the kids are grown and you and John realize you have arrived at an ill-fated place called the "Empty Nest Syndrome". Your place will be in such order it will drive you crazy...why because you don't have little ones to run behind anymore so all you do is decorate and keep things in "order".

    Enjoy you time right now of chaos and dirty bathrooms, etc. What you are experiencing is God's blessings of true life but know this your time will come with complete order!

    Luv Ya,

    Your Cousin Kim

  7. You guys are so right. I know that I wouldn't trade these days for anything in the world! Balance is the key! If I can keep it ok - I am ok.

    I have been sick for a while - but as soon as I got better I got some order going! Not perfect, but OKAY!


    Kim- Thanks for stopping by!!!