Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Putting on Make-up with a Mini-Paint Roller

Ok - I have not tried this make-up so it could be the greatest makeup invention since the Egyptians discovered eye-liner.  BUT, just the idea of using a mini paint roller to put on makeup kinda irks me.

I am a great believer of being the greatest you. Every aspect of your life is valuable and significant - even how you look and dress. Your face really is the greatest reflector of who your are and it is important. Look, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be the most beautiful you.  Shooot, I don't go anywhere without wearing concealer under my eyes. Whenever I go without it, someone always puts a comforting hand on my arm and says lovingly, "Cj, is everything ok?" I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized the bags under my eyes were shouting to the world that I was depressed and tired. So now, Cj always slaps on some concealer. 

My goal is to look healthy, happy and pretty darn good for a 40something with three little kids.  And the right combo of sleep, make-up and spanx helps me get there.  But the words thrown around to get us to buy - Flawless - Perfect - Airbrushed, just leave a bad taste in my mouth.  Come on - do we really want to look airbrushed?  The implication is that we have to cover-up what isn't perfect.  The fact of the matter is nothing is perfect, especially anything on the human body - so when does the cover-up stop?  Am I wrong?  Don't we as women want to be the greatest expression of our individuality and unique-ness? 

But Flawless? Look how they totally erased Evangeline Lily's freckles. (She's the female lead in LOST). Now, if she wants to cover-up her freckles because she doesn't like them, more power to her...but to erase them in a beauty ad kinda gets me.  Anyone who follows LOST knows the woman has a ton of freckles and to be honest I think she looks better with them intact. 

It's not the make-up - its the message that bothers me.  Remember when Self Magazine put a picture of a skinny Kelly Clarkson on the cover.   Immediately people knew it was a fix.  The ironic and most insulting thing about it was the subtitle, "You at Your Best!"   Evidently to be our best we should lie to the masses and appear to be perfect.  I DON'T BUY IT! I look just fine in a bit of concealer and lip gloss. 



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