Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kill Superwoman...

That's right, I want Superwoman dead dammit! Ok, not the League of Justice Superwoman, actually she is focused on one thing and that's her heroine-ism. I am talking about the dreaded and bogus concept that we, as woman, can do it all and be good at all we do. There are these exceedingly outrageous expectations levied on us, from a myriad of sources, and we work ourselves into insanity trying to live up to them. For goodness sake, it has taken me a full year to start blogging, because I was intimidated by the thousands of blogs out there in cyber universe. Before I could even get started, I thought I was already doing a terrible job! How crazy is that! I wrote and re-wrote, deleted and started again...and again...and again. I was stuck. Stuck because my blog had to be perfect - it had to be SUPER!

The specter of superwoman doesn't just hang over our ambitions. That sneaky devil tries to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, by corrupting our perception of ourselves. Being superwoman is a lofty standard to live up to and when we fall short it can catapult us into a bleak cycle of disappointment and guilt. All because our houses, our wardrobes, our checking accounts and our boobs are all less than super. Years ago, it was no big deal that after a certain age your boobs hung down to your waistline. You just rolled them up, stuffed them in a bra and kept on going. Nowadays if the boobage is not playboy ready - you’re just downright butt ugly!

I am going to kill superwoman, that crazy chick with the perky boobs, orderly children, and spotless home. Not because I'm jealous - No. I am killing superwoman because she has been telling me all of my adult life that I am not enough.   Say your prayers Superwoman, your days are numbered!

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