Monday, March 15, 2010

Has HGTV ruined your house?

I love those decorating and craft shows as much as the next guy, but if you are not careful your house will end up a hot mess.  (I like using phrases I hear on TV!) They lull you into a false sense of security, making you think that you too can make a chandelier out of  old jewelry.  I can't tell you the hundreds of dollars I have spent on crap from hardware and craft stores to "beautify" my home.  For goodness sake, I bought a hot glue gun so I could make no-sew pillows out of old shirts.  I couldn't figure out how to use the thing so it sits useless in my husband's tool box.  From time to time I consider throwing it out, but the images of those no-sew pillows haunt me.  To tell the truth, they have been haunting me for - gulp - over 5 years. 

There is also the terrible matter of my boys' bedroom. Oy! My oldest wanted a rock and roll room, so I got the fine idea of painting little stars all over their bedroom wall and a great big star behind their bunkbeds. It ended up a drippy, smear-y, ugly mess.  But the worst is my mural behind the beds...who knew I didn't know how to paint a gigantuan star.  There is now a blob of bright blue paint on their wall that is in an inexplicable shape.  Some rock and roll room.

I do blame my mess and wasted money on HGTV and other McGyver type shows that float around on cable.  Had it not been for me being weak and falling into the DIY trap, I would have remembered that I absolutely hate painting, have no use whatsoever for a glue gun, and can't sew worth a damn! (Did I mention sewing up the armhole on a the vintage coat she bought from me?)  Those shows made it all look so EASY, duping me into believing that even I could do it.  Whatever!!  From now on I am sticking to what I really want to do!  Making no-sew shirt pillows is NOT one of them. 


  1. Sorry about your beloved daughter !
    I love your blog !

    Welcome to the club !
    Following you from MBC, when you get a chance check out my blog and follow me back?

    Cheers !


  2. Thanks Kdrine,

    I loved your blog about being a Brazilian in Ireland. I absolutely related to the - what the heck do I call I say "work-at-home writer mom"... at least for now.

    Also check out my vintage store blog, This week I tell one of my horrible fashion experiences...

  3. I am addicted to DIY shows. I am constantly buying things to help improve my space. I love picking up things from freecycle and second hand shops because I can re-purpose and bring it back to life. What happens is the total opposite and I give/throw away my treasures. Or they await me in my closet to be completed. My husband doesn't help at all. He finds "electrical" projects that never seem to get fixed. We have had a lamp for about 8 years that has a electrical short. I finally took the mask he loved on the lamp and bought a frame to encase it in and threw the lamp out. So I guess I can consider this a project completed right? I love this blog. Thank you

  4. Thanks for commenting!

    I had to break my addiction to DIY shows. Because for the most part I am not crafty - I can decorate and have a sense for color and furniture placement - but actually making something - it has to be realllllllll simple.