Friday, March 12, 2010

Beware of The Truth Assassin

You know who the truth assassin is? That little voice in your head that keeps trying to do away with the real you. You know the voice, the one that tries to shake your confidence by saying things like:

"I told you - you are going to fail!"
"Your butt isn't poufy and round enough"
"You know, your kids are really kinda stupid"
"Oh my goodness. Your house is just so....ughh!"
"You're not doing it right so stop wasting your time."

The truth assassin creeps up on us Ninja style trying to force our dreams and goals to surrender. We may not notice the whispers at first, but they multiply until they have taken our brains hostage. Before we know it we start trying to fix everything that is wrong with us, and the things we love take a back seat to insanity. I can't tell you how many of my years I have spent trying to be perfect at something I didn't really give a damn about, all because of buying into something sooo not ME - but that's another blog.

Honestly, everyday there is a battle in our minds between the truth of who we are and those lies that keep us stuck in those daily ruts that we hate. Without even knowing it - we absorb those influences around us that constantly tell us we aren't measuring up. We don't buy into all the lies, just the ones that strike a nerve. For me it’s those TV shows that ruthlessly parade those have it all types before me. The married women that look really good, exercise, have stupendous careers and can resolve all their kids’ issues with a single heartfelt conversation. All with time left over to hang out with her girls at the neighborhood martini bar and have awesome sex with her husband. Oy!

If we are not aware, these influences peck their way into how we perceive ourselves. They morph and transform into becoming the most influential voice of all, the truth assassin, the voice in our own head.

But come on, we can take her. It's easy - just start asking the right questions. The next time your inner player-hater says to you,”You should be like her..." Don't ask why because you will get a multitude of answers that will compel you to take a very long nap (or a very long drink). Instead, square your shoulders and ask”Who the hell says so!" Say it with confidence and gusto, with some "swagger" as the hip kids say today. Trust me, that truth assassin will shut up - at least for a while.

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